We love dogs like you love dogs.

The sun rises and sets with our fur babies . . .


The smell of their paws in the morning. 

How their whole body wags when they see you.

When they curl up next to you at the end of the day. 

We get it. 

We love those things too. 

We also get that you don't want just anyone taking care of them.  We promise to take care of your dog as we would take of our dogs. 


And trust us, we are picky.

  • Each staff member has been thoroughly vetted for their specific role. 

  • We require that everyone at Pups participate and certify in canine CPR and first aid. 

  • Our staff is also dedicated to keeping the humans safe by masking up until the COVID pandemic is safely behind us.

  • We have taken special care to double gate entrances into the dog care areas to reduce any risk of an escape.

  • We require all dogs to have current vaccination documentation.

Healing the environment one dog at a time.

When we began planning for Pups, we knew our operations would need to be eco-friendly. We believe that every step we take as individuals and as a community has an impact on our planet. 

We want to ensure we are doing all we can not only to reduce our footprint as a business but provide pup parents an eco-conscious choice when selecting dog services.

Untitled design.png

Pups - Eco-friendly Dog Services is dedicated to considering the impact of every part of our business on the environment. We live by the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose.  We encourage making better choices whenever possible: 

  • Solar panels providing clean renewable energy for Pups

  • Electric high-efficiency HVAC system

  • Electric water heaters

  • Electric LED lights

  • Low-flow tub sprayers and toilet

  • Biodegradable, non-toxic grooming products

  • Non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting products 

  • Biodegradable poop bags

  • Eco-friendly pet turf 

  • Repurposed items for our renovations

  • Eco-friendly new products when necessary including:

  • Acoustic baffles made from recycled materials

  • Repurposed fencing for sound absorption

  • Dog hair available for free for composting, gardening, and outdoor pest aversion

  • Consignment market to encourage the re-use of gently used dog supplies

  • Emailed receipts to save paper

  • Eco-friendly printer, ink, and recycled paper for any printing

  • Idle-free zone for cars visiting pups 

Women-Owned and Operated


Sonya Droguett

Co-Owner Dog-Lover Eco-Advocate

Sonya is a proud dog-mom of two dogs, Mia (Havanese) and Kirra (Husky-Golden mix). She is a life-long dog lover and is very passionate about dogs and the endless love they bring to our lives. 

As a Salt Lake native, she has a strong passion for locally-owned small businesses, specifically those owned and run by women and other minorities. 

Sonya holds a master’s degree in Strategic Communication from Westminster College and has a distinguished career in biotech sales and marketing with a focus on product development and product launches.


Mindy Tueller

Co-Owner Dog-Lover Eco-Advocate

Mindy loves animals and shares her home with her pitbull mix, Hans, and her 2 cats, Blue and Messi.  She believes in the powerful connection dogs have with their people and that people have with their dogs.


She is a native Salt Laker and cares deeply for her community and the environment.  Mindy drives an electric car, works daily on her recycle-reuse-zero waste goals, and will bring an earth-first and sustainable approach to everything at Pups.  

Mindy a master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah, and has an extensive background in communication and project management.