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Pups BnB
Home-Based Boarding

We are thrilled to be offering a one-of-a-kind pup boarding experience! Our home-based boarding program gives your pup the best of both worlds as they play all day in our structured daycare program then get to snooze at a staff members home at night! 

Pups BnB allows your dog to get their energy out in a safe, fun environment and feel pampered at night!

Also available in your home!

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Boarding Details

A Day at PupsBnB


After your pup has completed a trial day & met their sitter, they are ready for their BnB vacation!

It all starts when you drop them off at our shop where your sitter will verify all their care information with you! Then they get to join their friends in our structured daycare, play in carefully selected groups, enjoy daily activity and get all their wiggles out. At the end of the day, they go home to a staff members house and enjoy a relaxing evening with snuggles on the couch (if thats ok with pet parents!) and a restful nights sleep. 

Pups BnB dogs are crated when not directly supervised, not allowed off leash in dog parks or unfenced areas, and only fed their own food to help prevent stress colitis. Our staff is insured, first aid & CPR certified, and trained thoroughly on how to give your pup the safest and most relaxing stay while you are away!


  • Pups must participate in a trial day at daycare before being officially accepted into our program. During the trial day, our staff will be sure they can play safely with other dogs.

  • Pups must be fully vaccinated and free from symptoms of disease. 

  • Pet parents must fill out boarding questionnaire and meet with the staff member caring for your pup. This can all be done at your pups trial day!

  • Pups BnB spots are very limited so reserve your dates today!

  • Multi-dog discounts available!

Call (385) 378-7877 to schedule


Pups BnB (includes full day of structured daycare: $100/night. 

Pup stays at staff members house

In-home sitting (includes full day of structured daycare): $150/night

Staff member stays at your house

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