Dayboard and Train

Whether you are struggling with common unwanted behaviors like pulling on the leash, jumping on guests, barking at the doorbell, and not coming when called, or you are looking for behavior modification for fear, leash reactivity, or aggression, our trainers can do the hard work for you. During the Dayboard and Train program, your dog will receive intensive training based on your short and long term goals.

This program is held over five consecutive days, starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday.

This is not an overnight program.

The Dayboard and Train also includes:

  • A 60 minute private lesson that will be scheduled upon completion of your program.

  • Two additional full day visits to touch up behaviors learned during your program.

$1100 for full program


Common behaviors addressed during the Dayboard & Train program:

Call to come

Place/go to your bed

Loose leash walking


Impulse control with food/toys/at doors

Leave it/drop it

Crate training

Confidence building

Appropriate social skills

Social remediation for fear and aggression

And much more!

Please call (385) 378-7877 to schedule a free evaluation.