What to Bring

For your pup's safety and the safety of all our furry guests, please bring the following with you for your appointment: 


Current vaccination records

All age-appropriate vaccinations are required to be up-to-date.  If you are new to pups or if your pup's vaccinations have lapsed, please bring in the current documentation or email it to pupsSaltLakeCity@gmail.com prior to your visit. 

Without this, we will have to reschedule your appointment.

A collar and leash

For the safety of your pup and our other guests, all pups are required to be on-leash when coming into the building.  


We will keep them safe and return them to you with your pup upon pick-up. 

And as always:

Please pick up after your pup

if they relieve themselves

on your way in or out. 

We have poop bags if you need one!

(And yes! They are biodegradable!)