Meet The Pups Team!


Annie Parson

Groomer - she/her

I have been grooming dogs for 4 years. Before I was a groomer, I was a bather for about 6 months. 


The thing I love most about grooming is helping dogs feel happy and healthy! Routine bathing and grooming will keep dogs healthy and confident. Pet grooming has a direct effect on a dog's well being and I'm so grateful that I can be a part of making a real difference in the lives of our beloved canine companions and their human parents. 

The one thing I would love to let pet parents know is that I genuinely love my job and being trusted to take care of their fur babies is a true honor.  

Trisha Shane-Ramstead

Groomer - she/her

My name is Trisha and I have been grooming for 6 years.  I love my job so much because I get to groom your fur babies all day long.   Their distinct personalities and little quirks are so adorable and make my job joyful.  I love dogs and am very fortunate to work with them.  


As pet parents, you can be assured that your baby will be loved and cuddled while they are here and will be treated gently and kindly as they so richly deserve.  Your pup will return home content, happy and smelling wonderful.


Carrie Scheer

Bather - she/her

Hello, my name is Carrie and I am a dog bather.  


I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my family and my dog, Arlo.  I have bathed and cared for dogs for three years.  What I love most about my job is all the dogs I get to meet when I work.  I absolutely love dogs and am always happy to be in a place where I get to hang out with them.  It is my favorite thing besides being a writer, which is what I do in my free time. 

Kali Grimm

 Senior Trainer - she/her

After pursuing a career as a Registered Nurse she decided she wanted to surround herself with dogs and make it a career.


For the last 15 years, she has dedicated her life to education, volunteering with shelters and rescues, and hands-on skills with dogs of all ages and breeds. She
believes health, nutrition, genetics, and understanding body language are key components to having a
successful relationship with our canine companions.


Kali thoughtfully works to break down barriers for
owners to obtain an interactive and mutually enjoyable relationship with their dogs.

She lives with her 6 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Bearracuda. They enjoy frisbee, trick training, barkour, camping, and trips to their favorite dog park on the beach in California.

Closeup of a Black Dog

Deb West

Trainer - she/her

Deb is a Salt Lake City native who has a deep passion for learning and teaching. Dogs especially have been a lifelong love thanks to their social nature and their psychology, anatomy, and history so deeply entwined with humans.


Deb has been active in dog training for 5 years specializing in building fulfilling relationships for dog and handler using positive reinforcement. She is an AKC approved CGC Evaluator, Fit Dog instructor, and Temperament Tester. She is also an International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) Supporting Member and Pet Professional Guild Member.


Deb enjoys spending her free time reading, hiking, swimming, and has recently gotten into dog sports with her 5 year old Saint Bernard, Bear. Together they won first place at the 2021 Saint Bernard National Convention in Novice Rally-Obedience and continue to practice sport obedience training.

Jill Munroe

Training Assistant/Swiss Army Knife - she/her

Jill is a Rhode Island transplant who found her way to Utah to explore, as well as work with the animals she loves the most - dogs! Before working at PUPS, she has spent many years working at a dog daycare facility and as a barn manager at a horse farm. She also spends a majority of her time dog sitting for the pooches that feel more comfortable at home while their parents are away. She is eager to start her career in dog training, specifically behavior modification.


Jill lives at home with her roommate and their cat, Banjo, and plans on moving her dog, Koda, to be with her here in Utah. In her free time she can be found painting, snowboarding, hiking, and horseback riding. 


Shelese Stoddard

Front Desk - she/her

Shelese has had a lifelong interest in animals, and has worked with dogs, cats, and horses throughout her life. She earned a Bachelor's of Science in Political Science at SUU before deciding to migrate to a career in animal care.  Shelese worked for a year at the Humane Society of Utah, first in Admissions then as a veterinary technician, before joining the Pups team. She is excited to be learning more about training, especially dog body language and biology.


Shelese lives with her fiancé and 2 gentleman gerbils named Statler and Waldorf, though she plans to adopt more furry family members. She loves baking, embroidery, and any opportunity to hike around outside and look at plants and bugs.

Closeup of a Black Dog

Nikki Hansen

Groomer - she/her

Coming soon!

Closeup of a Black Dog
Closeup of a Black Dog

Teo Kjolseth

Cleaning Manager/Swiss Army Knife - he/him

Teo is a high schooler at East High School who is committed to work in the medical field and use his free time to learn more about dogs. Teo helps all around the shop as a training assistant, bather, and shop assistant. 

He lives with his 1 year old Husky/Golden Retriever named Kirra. They enjoy running, fetch, and trick training in their spare time.

He absolutely loves working in a place with dogs and is happy to be given the opportunity to work at Pups. 

Closeup of a Black Dog

Alicia Risolio

Grooming Manager/Groomer - she/her

Alicia started grooming in 2017. She grew up with animals her whole life and as a kid, she wanted to be either a teacher or a dog groomer. Alicia trained to be a groomer through a professional academy - she loves the artistry of grooming and the highlight of her day is when owners are thrilled with how their pup looks after a spa day!

In her free time she likes to hike, drink coffee, & cultivate plants. 

IMG_2325 2.heic

Roux Warner

Business Development/Swiss Army Knife - she/they

Roux has a diverse history working with animals including working as a veterinary technician, search & rescue K9 handler for FEMA, and pet first aid instructor! 

They are one of our Swiss-Army knives - helping with everything from events, marketing, program development and lending a hand to our amazing groomers and trainers.

Naomi Nasman

Groomer - she/her

Hi, I’m Naomi, I fell in love with dog grooming three years ago. 


Grooming has always been my happy place, and I’m so grateful to have these wonderful dogs in my life. I love being able to bond with your babies and help keep them healthy and happy! 


In my free time I like to read, hike, write, and spend time with my family including my son and two kitties.


Krissy Chaplin

Groomer - she/her

Krissy has had a special love for animals her whole life and loves that she has been able to work with animals the last 5 years. She started with doggie daycare and it wasn’t long till her interest in grooming began. After dog grooming for a few years she got certified in dog massage from Rocky Mountain School of Acupressure and massage. She is also continuing training for acupuncture as well. 


She has a 5 year old great pyrenees Nova, 3 year old Husky Yato, 8 year old chunky cat Klaus and a kitten named Mochi.


Outside of work she enjoys being outside such as: climbing, ice climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and camping. She also loves to create many types of art, sewing clothes and photography.

Our Philosophy

We are proud to be an inclusive, small, local,
women-owned business!

How we take care of your pet:

We love dogs like you love dogs. 


The Pups Promise is we will take care of your dog just as we would want our dogs cared for.  And we are picky!


To that end, we offer the following:

  • We practice low-stress handling which means we provide a more pleasant experience reducing the fears that your pup may have. Learn more about what it means to be low-stress handlers here.

  • Each staff member has been thoroughly vetted for their specific role. 

  • We require that everyone at Pups participate and certify in canine CPR and first aid. 

  • Our staff is also dedicated to keeping the humans safe by masking up and getting vaccinated until the COVID pandemic is safely behind us.

  • We have taken special care to double gate entrances into the dog care areas to reduce any risk of an escape.  

  • We require all dogs to have current vaccination documentation for the safety of all the dogs in our care.

How we take care of the planet:

Pups - Eco-friendly Dog Services is dedicated to considering the impact of every part of our business on the environment. We live by the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose. 

We encourage making better choices whenever possible and here are some of the things that we do:  

  • Solar panels providing clean renewable energy for Pups

  • Electric high-efficiency HVAC system

  • Electric water heaters

  • Electric LED lights

  • Low-flow tub sprayers and toilet

  • Biodegradable, non-toxic grooming products

  • Non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting products 

  • Biodegradable poop bags

  • Eco-friendly pet turf 

  • Repurposed items for our renovations

  • Eco-friendly new products when necessary including:

  • Acoustic baffles made from recycled materials

  • Repurposed fencing for sound absorption

  • Consignment market to encourage the re-use of gently used dog supplies

  • Emailed receipts to save paper

  • Eco-friendly printer, ink, and recycled paper for any printing

  • Idle-free zone for cars visiting pups 

Want to join our team? Check our job postings on our Facebook page!