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Now offering Home-Based Boarding!

We are thrilled to announce our one-of-a-kind boarding program!

While you are away on your adventures, your pup can stay in one of our staff member's homes. During the day, they can romp and play with their buddies in daycare! If your pup prefers to sleep in their own bed, we also offer in-home sitting!

Space is extremely limited.

Call to reserve your dates today.



New Pups Sunday Seminars

Free monthly seminars on a range of topics to enhance your life with your pup!

Seminars are held at our shop in Sugarhouse

1123 east 2700 South

We can't wait to meet your pup but these are for humans only.  Please leave your pup home.

Animal Crackers.jpg

February 12th, 1 pm - 2 pm

Learn about dog treats and what to look for before treating your pup from local treat maker, Drool More.

Do You Want a Treat? 

First Aid.png

March 26th, 1 pm - 2 pm

Before you begin to recreate this summer, learn what you need to know to help your pup in an emergency. Taught by Ready Pet Education!

Intro to Canine CPR and First Aid

April 23rd, 1 pm - 2 pm

Just like human teenagers, pups have their own teenage years as well. Learn how to get through them without losing your mind!

Teen Dogs

Check back for additional dates and topics!

Our Philosophy

We are proud to be a local, inclusive, 
women-owned business!

How We Take Care of Your Pup

We love dogs like you love dogs. 


The Pups Promise is we will take care of your dog just as we would want our dogs cared for.  And we are picky!


To that end, we offer the following:

  • We practice stress-reduction techniques which means we strive to reduce the fears that your pup may have & use positive reinforcement. 

  • Each staff member has been thoroughly vetted for their specific role. 

  • We require that everyone at Pups participate and certify in canine CPR and first aid. 

  • Head-to-tail check in

  • Our staff is also dedicated to keeping the humans safe by following all WHO guidelines regarding COVID. 

  • We require all dogs to have current vaccination documentation for the safety of all the dogs in our care.

  • Structured Daycare specific:

    • Trainer guided 1:1 introductions

    • Rest time

    • Small play groups

    • Pup-directed daily activity

    • Play-style appropriate groups

How We Take Care of the Planet

Pups - Eco-friendly Dog Services is dedicated to considering the impact of every part of our business on the environment. We live by the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose. 

We encourage making better choices whenever possible and here are some of the things that we do:  

  • Electric high-efficiency HVAC system

  • Electric water heaters

  • Electric LED lights

  • Low-flow tub sprayers and toilet

  • Biodegradable, non-toxic grooming products

  • Non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting products 

  • Biodegradable poop bags

  • Minimal pass & eco-friendly pet turf 

  • Repurposed items for renovations

  • Eco-friendly new products when necessary including:

  • Acoustic baffles made from recycled materials

  • Repurposed fencing 

  • Emailed receipts to save paper

  • Eco-friendly printer, ink, and recycled paper for any printing

  • Idle-free zone for cars visiting pups 

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Thanks for joining the pack! We are glad you are here!

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