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Group Classes

All of our group classes are 100% positive reinforcement based so you and your pup can learn to work together to meet your goals without force or punishment. 

Group classes are 6 weekly consecutive one-hour sessions and are held at the Pups location at 1123 East 2700 South unless otherwise stated.

Upcoming Classes

Puppy 101

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For puppies 2 -12 mo.
Learn the foundations of clicker training and relationship building to help create a lifelong companion out of your pup. 

This class covers nationally recognized skills focusing on basic obedience, socialization, activity, and all things puppy training!

Six week course.  Spots are limited.  

Next Series:
Tuesday evenings beginning
June 18th
6:00 pm

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NEW! Pups Puppy Preschool!

General Puppy Pic.png
Now offering Pups Puppy Preschool for trainer-led puppy socialization.

Socialization is an important stage in a puppy's development that can help them learn to react to the world in a healthy way.

Join us as we set your pup off to a great start!

Weekly beginning Jun 5th 
6:30 pm

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Adult Obedience

For adults dogs 12+ mo.
This course focuses on basic training that perhaps your dog didn't receive or master  as a puppy.  It also builds on the skills needed for a long 
obedience and healthy problem management.
Class covers essentials like dog etiquette, crate training, impulse control, trick training, come when called, and leash walking.

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