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Structured Daycare

Our structured daycare program is ideal for the pup that needs to get out of the house a few days a week, but may not enjoy a free-for-all daycare setting. 

Each day, pups get supervised, small group play sessions, a daily enrichment activity, and some rest time between! Pups have access to indoor and outdoor spaces, fresh water all day and a climate controlled kennel room & play area.


Half day: $30

Full day: $55

Packages of 5 or 10 available at at 10% discount!


Daycare Photos

Daycare Details

 Daily Activity

Theme days are completely free & optional to participate in! Activity varies by day. Examples below:

Movie Monday - Does your pup love Animal Planet?  After playing hard with their buddies, they can cuddle up and watch the big screen!

Tug Tuesday - “Play Tug-o-War today!”

Tuesday is all about play! We have a big variety of toys and they can play with our staff or a buddy!

Water Wednesday 

Pups can play and cool off in the sprinklers & pools! Wednesdays we break out the squirt guns and pet safe bubble machines!

Treat Thursday - “Kongs, Puzzles, and Treat Toys Galore!”

Your pup is given their choice of puzzle or treat toy to enjoy!

Field Trip Friday - “Out & About!”

Pups will get a one-on-one walk around our beautiful neighborhood to sniff some new smells and get fresh air. For an additional fee, your pup can go on our Deluxe Field Trip for a hike, to the park or pet store. Great for more active pups!


  • Pups must participate in a half-day trial day before being officially accepted into our program. During the trial day, our staff will be sure they can play safely with other dogs.

  • Pups must be fully vaccinated and free from symptoms of disease to come to daycare. 

  • Pet parents should let us know about any food sensitivities or behaviors we should be on the watch for (such as chewing bedding or eating toys). 

  • Dogs in heat are not permitted at daycare. You must notify us if your dog is not spayed or neutered.

  • Dogs displaying signs of illness or distress may be sent home early for their wellbeing and the safety of other dogs.

  • Our daycare spots are limited so reserve your spot early!

Call (385) 378-7877 to schedule

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