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Earn 2X the loyalty points on January & February appointments! $1=2 points
Redeem points for dollars off your next services starting at 500 points.

*cannot be combined with other offers. Maximum of 2500 points can be saved. Points never expire. 

Loyalty Points Promo!

Our groomers use positive reinforcement & stress reduction techniques to make sure your pup's grooming experience is as relaxing as possible.

What will my pup's groom will cost?

It is difficult to tell you exactly how much your groom will cost without first asking a few questions.   We will need to know more about your pup in order to give you the best groom and the best estimate.   These are a few of the questions we will ask when you call to set up your appointment.


What type of pup do you have?

Tell us about your pup!


Is your dog a specialty breed like a doodle, Great Pyrenees, or husky that will need extra time? Or do you have a 6lb yorkie?

We always start with size & coat type.


What type of service do you need?

What service would you like?

Full Groom

Bath & Brush

De-Shed Treatment

Maintenance Groom (touch up)

Puppy Groom


Add-ons and Special Services

Any extras?

Looking for a little something more? We have packages, add-ons and special services to give your pup a day at the spa!

See below for details. 

Each of these will affect the cost of your groom.
Prices are based on dog size, coat type, and add-ons.

Please call us for a quote! 385-378-7877

Keeping your pup's coat healthy and mat-free, we recommend routine brushing based on your pup's coat.  We recommend Chris Christensen brushes.  We love them so much, we became an affiliate.  If you are interested in purchasing one, you can click the link below. 


Add on to any groom or bath to complete your pups experience!


Leave your pups shedding to us! Our de-shed package includes specialty de-shed shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, a full hour of brushing, nail trim with buffing, paw balm, blueberry facial and teeth brushing!

+Price size dependent. 


Itchy, scratchy pup? Dandruff or allergies? Our soothing package will bring relief with medicated shampoo, moisturizing conditioning treatment, 15 minutes of brushing, nail trim with buffing, blueberry facial, paw balm and teeth brushing!

+$30 in addition to groom or bath price


Bring out the beautiful shine of your pups white coat with our brightening package. Comes with bath with specialty whitening shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, 15 minutes of brushing, nail trim with buffing, blueberry facial, paw balm and teeth brushing!

+$30 in addition to groom or bath price.


Give your pup the ultimate spa day treatment with our zen package! Comes with stress relief shampoo, mud bath re-hydrating conditioner, nail trim with buffing, blueberry face wash, paw balm and teeth brushing! 
+$35 in addition to groom or bath price.


A little extra

  • Face or feet trim 

  • Sani-trim 

  • Upgraded shampoo/conditioner 

  • Nail buffing 

  • Paw balm 

  • Blueberry face wash 

  • Brushing only

  • Teeth brushing

  • Mud bath

Stand-Alone Services

Refresh without a
full groom

  • Face or feet trim 

  • Sani-trim 

  • Face, feet, fanny or fanny, feet, pants 

  • Nail trim

  • Nail trim with buffing 

  • Paw balm 

  • Brushing only 

  • Pick Me Up - nails with buffing, teeth brush, ears, paw balm, 5 mins brushing

Skilled Services

Special services for special pups

  • Breed standard or show cuts

  • Hand stripping

  • Airbrushing

  • Pet-safe fur dye

  • Collar & leash cleaning

Appointment Policies

  • No call/no show - 50% cost of service

  • Cancellation/reschedule fee (within 24hrs of scheduled service) - 50% cost of service

  • Late fee - $1/minute (15m grace period)

  • Boarding fee (pup with us for 2 hours past end of groom) - $20

  • Special handling & de-matting fees -$20+ situation dependent

We can handle skunked dogs but please call before arriving.

Please see your vet for flea, tick or lice treatment. If we find parasites on your pet during service, we will halt service and recommend veterinary care before continuing. 

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