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Home-Based Boarding

We are thrilled to be offering a one-of-a-kind pup boarding experience!


Our home-based boarding program gives your pup the best of both worlds: They play all day in our structured daycare program and then get to snooze securely at a staff member's home at night! 

Pups BnB is a great alternative for pups that don't do well in large kennel environments or when you'd like a more personalized plan while you are away.


If you prefer your pup stay in your home, we can accommodate that as well. 

All Pups BnB hosts are employees of Pups and are insured and pet CPR & First Aid Certified.

Space is limited
Call for pricing and availability

Daycare Policies for Pups BnB

  • Before being officially accepted into our program, puppies must participate in a free half-day evaluation day. During this day, our staff will ensure your pup can play safely with other dogs.

  • Pups must be fully vaccinated (DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella) and symptom-free to come to daycare. 

  • Pet parents should let us know about any food sensitivities or behaviors we should be on the watch for (such as chewing bedding or eating toys). 

  • Dogs in heat are not permitted at daycare. You must notify us if your dog is not spayed or neutered.

  • Dogs displaying signs of illness or distress may be sent home early for their well-being and the safety of other dogs.

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