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Which training program is best for me and my pup?

We believe training can have an enormous impact on the relationship you have with your pup. 

Whether you have a new puppy or an adult rescue, we can help you establish a strong foundation that will bring you and your pup closer than ever. 

Because every pup is different, we offer a wide selection of training programs to ensure you get the appropriate training support for you and your pup!

The Pups Training Programs at a Glance

Group Classes

Trainer-led classes from Puppy 101 to Pet First Aid and CPR! 


And now offering 

NEW! Pups Puppy Preschool!

Check here for our upcoming classes, availability and to hold your spot!

At Pups

Private Lessons

Perfect for pet parents who want 1:1 time with a trainer to work on problem solving, troublesome behaviors, or confidence building.

In-home or at Pups

Walk & Train

1:1 trainer-led outings for your dog only to work on confidence, reactivity, focus, leash pulling, and more!


Great for dogs who have training foundation but need help on specific skills!

In-home or at a park, we'll work on whatever your pup needs to succeed.

Dayboard & Train

Intensive training program for dogs needing some more dedicated training such as confidence building, reinforcement, socialization and problem solving! 


Your pup is with our trainer all day and then goes home each night.


Typically 1-2 weeks long

Drop-off and Pick-up at Pups

Not sure? 

Call us to schedule a free training evaluation! 

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