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5 ways to get the BEST groom EVER!

Updated: May 7

Nothing is more frustrating than spending the time and money to have your pup groomed and not be happy with the results. Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of having a groom you love.


Do your research and be ready to communicate what you want. Use clear descriptions like 1/2 inch instead of “short.” Ask for ears rounded, not straight, keep the tail long, etc. Take notes on what you did and didn’t like for the next appointment. It can take a few grooms with a new groomer before you get exactly what you want.  We are never offended or take it personally if you want to make a few changes!


If you are unsure how to describe it, bring in a photo of your dog after a previous groom or a similar dog with a groom style you’d like.

PLEASE NOTE: If the hair type is different, the groom may also look different. You can’t bring in a photo of wavy hair and expect it to match if your pup has straight hair or vice versa. For example, when we (humans) go to a salon, the hairdresser can't make your hair something it is not.  Be realistic when it comes to what you are asking for.


If you have received a groom you like, take clear, full-body photos of them to show future groomers exactly what you like. Take pictures of their face, feet, side, and from behind, showing exactly what it looked like.

Many groomers will keep notes on which blades they used and the style you asked for. If not, ask the groomer to write it down so you can ask for the same thing next time.

Keeping to the same groomer will also help, as both your groomer and your pup will get to know each other over time, which will also improve the result.


Take good care of your dog’s coat between grooms, or you may not get a groom you are thrilled with.  

Dog breeds that require grooming typically need to be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks, PLUS brushed out daily/weekly between grooms (depending on the breed) to keep their coat mat-free and healthy. If you need instructions on what your pup will need, just ask! Our groomers are happy to help create the best plan for you and your pup.


Not everyone has time to brush their dog every night or several times a week. That’s okay. Sometimes, breeders don't always disclose the maintenance a certain breed will need, or their coat turns out a little different than expected.

This is especially true for doodles and double-coated breads. If this describes your pup, please see our blog post about how to properly maintain their coat.

Ask your groomer for a cut that will be easy to maintain. Because having your beloved pup comfortable should always be more important than what they look like.

We are here to help you get the best results for you and your pup. We are happy to share our knowledge and support your efforts to keep your pup's coat healthy and looking great!

We love your pup and want to be a trusted partner in your pup's care. 🩷


Sonya Droguett
Pups Founder, Owner, Dog Lover

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