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The Importance of Certifications and Safety Standards in Pet Care

It's surprising to many pet owners, but the pet grooming, training, and daycare industry currently lacks regulated standards across the board. This means anyone can set up shop without specific qualifications or training. While there are reputable organizations that offer voluntary certifications, these are not compulsory and vary greatly in terms of their rigor and comprehensiveness.

As a result, the quality of services can differ dramatically from one provider to another. This lack of regulated standards can potentially put pets at risk and makes it challenging for pet owners to confidently choose a service provider.

At Pups Eco-Friendly Dog Services, we recognize these concerns and are committed to providing top-notch care that goes above and beyond the current industry norms. We believe in the importance of professional training, continuous learning, and adhering to the highest ethical and safety standards – all for the love of our canine companions!

When choosing a service provider for pet grooming, dog training, or daycare, it's essential to consider the qualifications and safety standards of the facility. It is good to ask if you are unsure of your pet service provider’s standards so you know that your pet is in good hands. At Pups, we take these matters very seriously. After all, your fur babies are part of our community, and we love them too!

Pups Staff’s Expertise

Every member of our Pups staff is Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Certified by Ready Pet Education. This means they are trained to triage and address any medical emergencies that may arise while your pet is in our care. We believe this knowledge is crucial, and it's just one way we go the extra mile to ensure your pet's safety.

In addition to this, all our staff members have the appropriate level of foundational education from professional organizations in their field, whether it be grooming, training, or daycare. Unless they are a supervised apprentice, we require at least 2 years of experience within the dog industry. This combination of education and experience allows us to deliver exceptional care to your pets and gives you peace of mind knowing that your fur babies are in capable and caring hands.

Pups Safety Standards

At Pups, we prioritize safety above all else. We have comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place that cover a range of emergencies, including medical emergencies and natural disasters like fires or earthquakes. We review these policies during monthly staff meetings and regularly practice fire drills to ensure we're always prepared. We plan to get every dog out safely in the event of any of these unwanted circumstances.

In our SOPs, we also have prevention policies on Fight & Bite and Disease Outbreaks. These preventive measures safeguard your pets and our staff from potential harm or illness, ensuring a secure and healthy environment for all.

Some facilities will only ask for the legally necessary vaccination of rabies. At Pups, we believe vaccinations for canine parvovirus (parvo), covered by DHPP and Bordetella, are also important. Both of these diseases can make your dog very sick; in some cases, they can be fatal. We know it can be an inconvenience, but we believe it is worth it to ensure the safety of all our furry guests.

Questions to Ask

When you are looking into a new pet care provider, be sure to ask these questions to ensure your pet is safe:

  1. Are your employees CPR/First Aid certified for both cats and dogs?

  2. What are your baseline qualifications for employees to work here?

  3. What is your procedure in the event my pet is sick or hurt?

  4. What is your procedure in the event of a disaster such as a fire or earthquake?

  5. Which vaccinations are mandatory to obtain services here?

The Pups Advantage

Our founding principle at Pups is that grooming, training, and daycare services should be delivered with compassion, love, and transparent communication. We understand these are vital parts of your pet’s life and are committed to making them as stress-free as possible.

Our team is devoted to ensuring all animals feel comfortable and safe with us. We believe pets do not have to be forced into their regular care. Instead, we use stress reduction techniques like cooperative care to improve a pet’s experience over time.

At Pups, we're more than just a pet service provider - we're a community that cherishes every wagging tail and contented purr. We invite you to join our Pups family and experience the difference care, compassion, and expertise can make in your pet's life.

Thank you for trusting us with your pup!

Sonya Droguett

Founder, Owner, Dog Lover and Eco-Advocate

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