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The Pups Promise

We recognize that your pup is a beloved member of your family, and when they are with us, they should be safe and cared for just like they would be at home.  

We feel the same way. This is why we created Pups.

When you bring your pup to us, you entrust us with your pup’s well-being.  We deeply value and cherish that trust, recognizing it as a precious gift. At Pups, we're committed to honoring that trust by delivering only the finest care and expertise for your beloved pets. 

We view our connection as more than transactional. You and your pup are integral members of our community, and we aim to be active partners in their care. This commitment extends from ensuring all our services are of the highest quality to keeping our facility sanitized, comfortable, and smelling good (and everything in between). 


It also includes open and transparent communication about your pup and their experience with us.  This is the pathway to making it the best experience possible. Telling you that your dog did great, even when they didn’t, might make you feel good momentarily, but it doesn’t help you or your pup in the long run. 

If your pup struggles with any of our services, we will always talk with you and provide options to improve it.  This includes activities you can do at home with your pup between visits and what we can do when they are with us.  Our goal is to ensure your pup feels safe and comfortable in our care.  Recognizing that coming to our shop may not be their preference, we will always work to make it as fun for them as possible.

The second you walk through our door, we want you to feel welcomed and that you and your pup are our priority.  If at any time you do not feel that way, please let our management or our owner know, and it will be rectified.  You can email us at with your feedback (good or bad) at any time.

We truly love that you have chosen us to care for your pup.  Thank you.


A thousand wags and kisses,

The Owner and Staff of Pups

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